Shelley Van Hoos

Head of IT and Business Systems, Martinus

Shelley Van Hoos brings over 15 years of experience in IT and business systems management to her role as Head of Technology at Martinus. Her strategic leadership and commitment to operational efficiency drive the integration and optimisation of critical systems within the organisation.

Under Shelley’s direction, Martinus has significantly enhanced its technology infrastructure, leading to improved productivity and streamlined operations. She has been instrumental in implementing innovative solutions across various platforms, including workforce planning, project management, business intelligence, and customer relationship management.

Shelley’s proactive leadership style and dedication to efficiency have positioned Martinus at the forefront of technological advancement in rail infrastructure. She has led the adoption of fit-for-purpose technologies, ensuring that every solution implemented meets the specific needs of the organisation and its projects. This approach has enabled Martinus to maintain high levels of client satisfaction and deliver superior project outcomes.

Shelley’s approach embodies The Martinus Way, emphasising continuous improvement and fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency. Her efforts in modernising the company’s technology stack have been crucial in driving business growth and operational success, ensuring that Martinus remains a leader in the industry.

FCON-Tech 2024 Agenda

  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Fostering Digital Delivery: Examining how BIM and digital construction practices have emerged as essential tools for driving innovation, improving efficiency and enhancing collaboration across major projects